Resident Evil 4 Remake confirmed by PlayStation? Polish fans found an interesting tidbit

Resident Evil 4 Remake has been unofficially confirmed by Sony? The Japanese are having fun with the players.

A lot has been said about Resident Evil 4 Remake recently, but Capcom has not yet decided to present the game either during this year’s Gamescom or PlayStation Showcase. There is little chance that production will be announced this year. This may be due to problems that the Japanese producer had to call on the main team to work on refreshing the fourth installment of the series.

Another detail indicating that Resident Evil 4 Remake is actually being created is the latest Play Has No Limits material, during which – probably – especially Sony (let us remind you that the “blues” work closely with Capcom) placed the symbol “Los Illuminados” on the wall of an unknown building “which is closely linked to a certain paramilitary group that is making life difficult for Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy in RE4.

It is worth noting that this flavor was discovered very quickly by Polish players. You can see the full, original post from the Resident Evil Polska fanpage.


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