Resident Evil 4 Remake unveiled at Gamescom 2021, Capcom sends strange messages

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a title that has populated the rumors for quite some time now, being in fact the next in line with regard to the series of remake operations carried out so far by Capcom, so it is difficult not to be influenced by the slightest possible clue that it could be hidden inside a tweet , if it comes directly from Capcom and a few days from Gamescom 2021 .

It thus happens that a potentially harmless message from the official Resident Evil account can be taken as a possible teaser on Resident Evil 4 Remake, although it could obviously be a big misunderstanding: what you see below is the tweet in question, sent by Capcom in these hours.


“4 Itchy. Tasty.” It is indeed a quote that fans of the series will surely have caught: it is an excerpt from the Diary of the Keeper in the first Resident Evil, one of the most disturbing texts that have ever been found within the numerous documents scattered throughout the horror series. .

The diary collects various thoughts from a Keeper who works at the Umbrella laboratory in Villa Spencer in Raccoon City, and testifies to the progressive degradation of man into a zombie, with the message in question remaining the last page written before the alleged definitive transformation.

However, that “4” clearly highlighted at the beginning of the message (which is still present in the original text) can only make us think of a possible reference to Resident Evil 4, of which the announcement is expected sooner or later of the Remake, since the last one released in the series is that of Resident Evil 3 .

Given that Gamescom 2021 is coming next week, from 25 to 27 August 2021, the idea that occurs is that an announcement is foreseen on that occasion, even if it is not easy for Capcom to choose such an event to present its game.

In this regard, the rumors spoke of an official announcement not before 2022 , while for a general summary of the situation we refer you to the point of the situation on Resident Evil 4 Remake.


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