There is no question that Capcom is one of the great studios in the video game industry, for many reasons. And it is great news that he is in good financial health, as we can see in the latest update of the sales data of his main franchises.

Resident Evil 7 continues to be the best-selling game in the acclaimed Resident Evil saga, and now has 8.5 million copies sold on PS4, Xbox One and PC; It’s no wonder Capcom decides to continue that line with the upcoming Resident Evil 8 Village.

We already told you at the time that the Resident Evil saga in total has 107 million games sold since its inception in 1996, with Resident Evil 2 Remake ( 7.8 million copies sold ), Resident Evil 5 , Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 3 Remake as most successful titles after the aforementioned Resident Evil VII.

But beware, because the enormous success of Monster Hunter World continues, a month and a half before the release of Monster Hunter Rise for Switch. The title for PS4, Xbox One and PC has 16.8 million games sold, and added to the 7.2 million from its Iceborne expansion, they make a total of 24 million copies sold.

The good news for Capcom continues in its other licenses. For example, Devil May Cry 5 already exceeds 4 million copies sold , Street Fighter V reaches 5.2 million games sold and Okami exceeds 3.3 million with its most recent re-releases.

Nor could we forget the excellent Ace Attorney saga , whose latest installment has already reached the one million game sold mark , becoming another platinum release from Capcom.

Capcom has had a very positive 2020, with a profit balance driven by the success of Monster Hunter World Iceborne and, of course, by Resident Evil 3 Remake , which despite selling less than its predecessor already has 3.6 million copies sold.

What is your favorite Capcom saga? Remember that on March 26 Monster Hunter Rise will go on sale for Nintendo Switch , while on May 7 the expected Resident Evil 8 Village will arrive for PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.