Resident Evil 8 will censor its most violent moments in Japan, but calm: it will arrive intact in the West

Resident Evil 8: Village hits stores next May as a first-person horror adventure set in a mysterious mountain town. With a new setting of vampires and werewolves, fans of the Resident Evil saga will be waiting for the new ways in which Capcom and his team make the protagonist suffer, with those bloody, painful deaths, typical of the saga. Or, well, Western fans will be eager, given that the Japanese version of the game will censor some of its bloodiest aspects, according to Capcom itself.

The Japanese ZERO regulation is stricter than that of Western regulators in some respects – especially regarding beheadings – something that has already introduced restrictions in previous games in the series. As is customary in this country, Resident Evil 8: Village will have two versions in Japan: a ZERO D edition recommended for 17 years or older, and a ZERO Z version for those over 18 years old. In both cases, the game will censor all the beheadings that will be present in the foreign versions.

Also, the company notes, the game will generally show less blood than the western versions. Beyond this, the company’s statement indicates that the two Japanese versions of Resident Evil 8 will lack certain scenes prohibited by CERO, and specifically, the CERO D edition will contain “even fewer violent scenes” than its older counterpart. of 18 years. Capcom does not detail the contents of these censored scenes, presumably to avoid spoiling the players.

Fortunately, it seems that the western versions will not be censored. Capcom does not mention any tweaks in the foreign editions, so players living outside of Japan will be able to enjoy Resident Evil 8: Village in all its glory, while being pursued by Lady Dimitrescu, and facing the new enemies of this installment. Resident Evil 8 will be available on May 7 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC. 

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