Resident Evil 9 will be the chapter with the longest gestation, according to an insider

Resident Evil Village is available for a month and has already received rave reviews from fans and in terms of sales, but there are those already thinking about when it might arrive next chapter of the time series Survival horror of Capcom .

Speaking is Dusk Golem , who has always been very active on news, background and rumors related to Resident Evil . He had previously revealed that Resident Evil 9 would be in development from 2018 , and now he still reiterates this certainty. Asked by a follower on Twitter about the development of Resident Evil 9 , the insider confirms not only that it started in 2018, but also that it will have the longest gestation ever for a main chapter of the series. In fact, Dusk Golem speculates that the development times of RE9 will require a total of 6, maximum 7 years before the debut on the market.

If the work on RE9 really started three years ago, according to the insider’s calculations this means that the next main game will see the light by at least 2025 , at this point exclusively on new generation systems. Clearly these are hypotheses not confirmed by official sources, so it is good to take these rumors with the utmost precaution. With the release of Resident Evil Village still very fresh, and with the various rumors about the existence of Resident Evil 4 Remake , the wait for the next main chapter promises to be very long.

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