Resident Evil could be canceled, as Capcom did not trust the project

Resident Evil is one of the most successful franchises in the history of the industry and after 25 years, it can boast its validity despite the hard times Survival Horror experienced as a genre and even after betting on changes that annoyed a sector of fans. Capcom’s zombie franchise is more alive than ever and is currently experiencing a great moment, but the story could have been different if the Japanese company had given greater force to its idea of ​​canceling the first game.


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil, the occasion lends itself to the revelation of all kinds of anecdotes and details and one of them has come to light and is so important that it could change everything. According to information from MP1ST, the book Itchy, Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil, by Alex Aniel, an industry professional, includes a testimony from Tokuro Fujiwara, who was an executive producer at Capcom in the mid-1990s, witnessed the development of Resident Evil and was one of its main drivers as the company wanted to cancel it.


In the mid-90s and after the success of Street Fighter II, Capcom was in a period of crisis, as the Arcades were about to say goodbye and the company’s attempts on consoles did not end up finding that hit that would make way for a new one. time, but above all to give financial certainty. Under that context and considering a possible bankruptcy, Capcom authorized the development of Resident Evil, but later, the idea of ​​canceling it advanced, as they did not see potential, as revealed by Fujiwara in the aforementioned book: “No one, not even the development team, had high expectations for the game. Certain Capcom managers wanted to cancel it. , and that’s what almost happened. However, I really pushed them to take the production to the end. I personally had a lot of faith in the game. “

25 years later, history, success, and millions of copies sold, along with millions of dollars in revenue, proved Fujiwara right, and Resident Evil became that new franchise that Capcom would build on over the years for come to attack the console market and leave behind the golden age that lived with Street Fighter.

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