Resident Evil Nintendo Switch Exclusive Reportedly Releasing This Year

This year will be a very special one for Capcom and Resident Evil fans , as the franchise will turn 25. As we have mentioned, the Japanese company is preparing to celebrate this anniversary with adaptations to television series and movies , apart from the new games Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil Re: Verse . Well, there seems to be one more surprise, as an insider revealed that Capcom will release a game exclusively for Nintendo Switch and, judging by the details, it is very promising.

The informant Dusk Golem ( AestheticGamer1 on Twitter ), recognized for his leaks around Capcom and titles of the horror genre, has just revealed some very interesting information this time about Resident Evil .

The user, who is frequently questioned on Twitter about secret projects, took the opportunity to give many details about a game that Capcom will launch as a temporary exclusive for Nintendo Switch to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series.


According to the information, the informant says that he first heard of this game in 2017, so it has been in development for at least 4 years. At an early stage of development, the project was known as Resident Evil Revelations 3 , but today it is called Resident Evil Outrage . Dusk Golem explains that he knew that it would originally star Rebecca Chambers, but with the passage of time he has learned that the adventure will have 2 more protagonists; He did not reveal their identity, but does mention that they will be returning characters.

Something important to mention is that the game would debut as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but it would be temporary, as it would later reach all platforms and that it would be an intergenerational game. The informant could not define how long the exclusivity would be. That said, it would be like Resident Evil Revelations and its sequel, which debuted on Nintendo 3DS, but later arrived on more systems.


Resident Evil Outrage would not be named Revelations 3 and Dusk Golem believes that it is because the new title “has had a higher budget and more development time than Rev 1 or 2 [ Resident Evil Revelations and its sequel]” even mentions that it would be similar to Resident Evil Village and would be of the caliber of Resident Evil: Code Veronica .

Another detail that the informant revealed is that the game would be developed in the game engine RE Engine modified to work on Nintendo Switch, like the one used by Monster Hunter Rise . While there are expected to be some graphical sacrifices and it may not be the best game in the series visually, it will look great on console, according to Dusk Golem.

It was not defined when Capcom would announce the new Resident Evil game , but the informant suspects that it should not be long after the premiere of Resident Evil Village , since the launch of the title would occur between late 2021 and early 2022.

It doesn’t hurt to remind you that this information is unofficial, as Capcom has so far not talked about a new Resident Evil game apart from Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil Re: Verse . However, the idea is not unreasonable, as we remember that these 2 installments will not reach Nintendo Switch, so Capcom could prepare Resident Evil Outrage to pamper the users of this console.

What do you think of this information? Do you think Capcom is preparing an exclusive game for Nintendo Switch?

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