Resident Evil Outrage announced at Capcom E3 Showcase? The first details are leaking

A few hours from the Capcom E3 2021 Showcase , rumors about the long-rumored Resident Evil: Outrage , a title that emerged from the mega leak of the Osaka house and which would be destined to be announced tonight, emerged from the network of rumors .

According to the insider Dusk Golem, the game would begin development as the third installment of the Revelations series , and then deviate from the initial plans at the behest of the developers, and would star Rebecca Chambers , who players have already met as a young STARS member in Resident Evil Zero. The rumors circulated to date also speak of Resident Evil Outrage as an exclusive for Nintendo Switch.

The title returned to prominence a few hours ago, when the Biohazardcast site published a long list of (alleged) details , also saying it was confident of an approximately one-hour playtest that would be conducted last year. Entitled “Investigation”, the test session would have accompanied the participants in the gardens and libraries of a university in the role of a Rebecca engaged in investigating a new virus, which would have already infected students and professors. The zombies, equipped with weapons found in a university complex such as scissors and the like, would share traits with the Majini of Resident Evil 5 . The rumors also speak of Resident Evil Outrage as a third-person game, powered by the RE Engine and destined to be presented tonight at the Capcom E3 2021 Showcase, whose start is set at 11:30 pm.

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