Resident Evil Village, DLC announced by Capcom at E3 2021

Resident Evil Village will receive DLCs : the news was definitely in the air, but Capcom officially announced it during its conference at E3 2021 , without adding any details.

Awarded by the votes of the international press, Resident Evil Village ends clearly but the narrative epilogue could leave room for some further development.

Or, as happened with Resident Evil 7 biohazard , it may be that one of the downloadable content puts us in the shoes of Chris Redfield for a new action-based adventure.

In short, there are various possibilities on the table but for now no certainty: we expected to see at least a trailer of the DLC in question, but it seems that Capcom has just begun to make them.

This also means that it will take some time before these expansions are published, but the quality of Village certainly makes you imagine it will be an added value for the survival horror of the Osaka house.

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