Resident Evil Village will have ray tracing, on AMD cards at least

While Resident Evil Village will be tied to the PS4 and Xbox One generation for commercial and user base reasons, it is known that the new installment will show its best face on new generation consoles and obviously on PC, where it will be unrivaled. That is why a few months after its debut, the field begins to prepare for the arrival of the new title of the successful Capcom franchise and one of those that will welcome it will be AMD.


Through a publication on the official Radeon RX account, AMD announced its collaboration with Capcom to make Resident Evil Village look impressive and terrifying on PC thanks to the use of Ray Tracing and the support of AMD FidelityFX, a set of tools that offer solutions to developers to get the most out of their games and visual performance in accordance with the RDNA architecture. According to AMD, thanks to this, Resident Evil Village will see improvements in its atmosphere and details for a deployment worthy of a new generation.

The expectation around Resident Evil Village is high and even Capcom dared to assure that it will be the best Survival Horror to date. It seems that 25 years after the debut of the franchise, we have not seen its masterpiece and that, in short, is exciting.

Resident Evil Village will debut May 7 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

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