Resident Evil Village: how does Capcom’s horror game end?

Resident Evil Village made its debut on May 7, 2021, and was greeted with enthusiasm by critics and audiences. The eighth chapter of the historic Capcom series showed a more action footprint than the previous episode, without sacrificing its horror component.

Since before the game’s debut on the market there was a lot of curiosity about its history, in particular about what the role of Chris Redfield would actually be and the fate of the protagonist Ethan Winters . Do you know how Resident Evil Village ends? Obviously, from this moment heavy spoilers on the end of the game will follow , so if you don’t want to ruin the surprise, don’t continue reading.

resident evil village
resident evil village

After the sensational revelations that Ethan Winters actually died at the beginning of the events of Villa Baker narrated in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard , and that the man was able to come back to life as infected by Eveline’s mold that gave him his known regenerative powers, the young father continues his mission to rescue his newborn daughter Rose, arriving at the place of the ritual organized by Mother Miranda , ready to sacrifice the child in an attempt to revive her deceased daughter Eva . After arriving at the ritual room accompanied by the merchant Duke, Ethan prepares for the final battle with Mother Miranda, defeated also thanks to the help of Chris, who has long been hunting for the tyrannical leader of the village.

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The terrible clash, however, has caused Ethan to lose his regenerative abilities: one step away from death, the man asks Redfield to take care of his daughter and protect her, and then sacrifice himself to allow the two to save themselves. With little Rose in his arms, Chris escapes the village before he is razed to the ground. On the helicopter, the newborn finally returns to the arms of her mother, Mia Winters , kept hidden by Mother Miranda (who in the meantime had assumed her appearance by deceiving her husband Ethan) and freed shortly before by Chris himself. After accepting the death of the brave protagonist, another terrible discovery arrives: the BSAA started using bio-organic weapons for its missions, thus betraying all the anti-bioterrorism principles that have always guided it since its foundation. Chris then orders them to go to the BSAA’s European headquarters for an answer.

The epilogue moves forward into the future by several years . Rose, now a teenager, visits her father’s grave before being called on a mission for a secret organization. The agents fear the girl and her powers (which she herself is aware she has, with some of them kept hidden even from Redfield himself) stemming from Eveline’s mold. Resident Evil Village ends with Eveline driving away in the vehicle, ready for a new assignment.

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