Returnal completes its development and reaches the gold phase

Returnal, the new IP developed by the Housemarque studio, will go on sale next April exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console. In this new adventure, players will manage Selene, an astronaut who arrives on the planet Atropos with a specific mission to be carried out. Once there we will have to survive the hostile creatures that inhabit the planet using the various firearms that we find and explore the different scenarios to solve the mysteries. A few minutes ago, its managers have communicated that the game has finished its development.

Returnal is Gold

Through a tweet shared by the official Housemarque account, the studio in charge of developing this title, it has been confirmed that as of today, March 25, the main development of Returnal has been completed. In this way, the game is ready to go into production and thus reach our hands at the end of next month. This was the message that was shared:

In the event that Selene is defeated, it will not be her end, because she will be reborn in this place whose scenario will change completely in each game, which will leave us with an enormous replayability. In addition, to offer greater immersion, it will take advantage of all the features of the DualSense, such as its adaptive triggers, which will change depending on the weapon we are holding, and the haptic vibration. The game will be out on April 30 only on PS5.

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