Riders Republic suffers yet another release date delay

It has been about a year since Riders Republic, a new sports and multiplayer bet from Ubisoft, was presented. And although the premise does not appeal to me very much, it did have some potential to succeed more than other games in the genre, but not even half a year passed when they delayed their release date. Now we were not very far from it being released, but those who expected to finally play it at the beginning of September, will have to wait one more time.

Ubisoft moves Riders Republic to October

Initially, this title would be released next September 2, but has been on a recent blog from Ubisoft where, besides announcement that Rainbox Six Extraction also delayed, have pointed out that Riders Republic will reach the market next October 28, a little over a month and a half later. As they say on the blog, the reason is the following:

“We can’t wait for you to arrive in the Republic in our open beta! […] To ensure that we can offer the best experience for all players, we have made the difficult decision to push back our release date to September 2 until October 28. This will give us more time to fine-tune the game and give you another chance to participate before launch and provide feedback, “ the statement concludes.

Unfortunately, we’ve had this mini-barrage of delays at Ubisoft again, and it’s not the first time. Now the concern is that they may continue to delay infinitely other titles that are planned for sooner such as Far Cry 6. In any case, be careful!

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