Rise of the Tomb Raider, the Xbox exclusive would have cost $ 100 million

Apparently the Xbox exclusive of Rise of the Tomb Raider cost Microsoft the beauty of 100 million dollars: this is revealed by the resume of a Square Enix executive.

The Xbox exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider has cost 100 million dollars to Microsoft, according to reports in the curriculum of a (former?) Of Square Enix executive who took part in the negotiations.

The announcement of the Xbox exclusive for Rise of the Tomb Raider caused a lot of discussion, a few years ago, given that the series has always been linked to the PlayStation brand and many fans have reacted badly in the face of this agreement.

Apparently, however, Square Enix has paid handsomely for this decline in popularity among Sony users, let’s call it that. The funny thing is that according to Michael Pachter the deal was only worth $ 10 million .

The information was unearthed by the usual Timur, an expert resume analyzer, and someone hypothesized that in reality the 100 million dollars were related to a larger operation, which also included Rise of the Tomb Raider but not only.

The curriculum, however, reports the issue clearly, and after all similar figures in the end are not out of this world if we consider that the exclusive of Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store cost 115 million dollars.

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