RUMOR: Microsoft could reveal the purchase of a new studio in E3 2021

Microsoft has already announced that Xbox will have its E3 2021 presentation alongside Bethesda. Fans are certainly expecting a lot of game announcements from Xbox Game Studios, but apparently Microsoft might surprise them with the announcement of a new studio purchase.

We are a few days before the beginning of E3 2021 one of the most anticipated presentations is that of Xbox and Bethesda. If you’re already excited about all the announcements coming up around new titles, you might be more excited to learn that while Microsoft has been very secretive around its E3 2021 plans and hasn’t released any leads, a rumor is circulating. which suggests that a new company could soon join Microsoft’s internal studies.


When asked about possible Microsoft plans for E3 2021, insider Jez Corden (via IdleSloth84 , Twitter) revealed that Microsoft has bought new IPs thanks to the acquisition of its owner studio, which is “on the horizon.”

Best of all, the insider mentioned that “there is a good chance that at least one acquisition will be announced at the presentation.”

Seeing as Bethesda was Microsoft’s last acquisition, you might think that this supposed new studio would be the same size, but apparently it won’t be the case, as Jez Corden cautions that they are not major production franchises.

This doesn’t sound far-fetched, especially since it wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft has made a similar announcement. Recall that at E3 2019 the acquisition of Double Fine Productions was revealed. Despite the fact that Jez Corden is a recognized developer who has revealed unofficial but true announcements in advance, we remind you that Microsoft has not spoken about it, so we recommend taking this as a possibility.

In addition, in recent months there have already been rumors that reinforce suspicions about a new purchase by Microsoft. There are still no clues to the study in question, but some users point out that it could be The Farm 51, as rumors circulated long ago that Microsoft would buy it.

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