The Last Of Us 2 Pre-Alpha gameplay shows Shamblers with exploding butts

The world of The Last of Us Part II is filled with terrifying-looking creatures, but what Naughty Dog lead system designer Matthew Gallant recently showed could represent the most grotesque creature the studio has ever brought to life in the course. game development .

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Gallant has posted on the net a short video taken from a pre-alpha build of The Last of Us Part II in which we see Ellie grappling with some monstrous enemies. In this case we are talking about the Shamblers , a variant of the Bloaters already present in the first chapter that have been exposed for long periods of time to places that are flooded and impregnated with humidity (we find them in fact in the Seattle and Santa Barbara areas).


As you can see by viewing the video that we brought you back to the top, these monstrous creatures were characterized by a peculiarity in this preliminary version of the game: they had literally explosive backsides . Approaching dangerously to our protagonist, the buttocks of the Shamblers swell exponentially and then explode and release a swarm of spores. The design of these deadly infected was then modified in the final version , both in terms of tonnage and in terms of “explosiveness”.

Shamblers with exploding butts



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