Silent Hill: Konami continues to ride the hype around Abandoned on Twitter

The mystery surrounding Abandoned and Silent Hill continues to deepen. We do not know how much truth there is around all the theories that have arisen in these hours, what is certain is that everyone, from Konami down, is marching a bit. The Japanese publisher, for example, in these hours continues to offer new Silent Hill merchandise through the official Twitter account of his shop, with the words ” Coming Soon “, arrives soon.

It is, therefore, yet another reference to the Silent Hill series. For months, in fact, there has been talk of his due return, under the supervision of Hideo Kojima. In these hours the story has become further complicated since the mysterious Abandoned , a game that is very inspired by the Konami classic, and its development team seem to be leaving many clues that lead to Silent Hill and Kojima. Add to this the same game design that Konami returns to follow on Twitter, Sony that niche and Geoff Keighley that promises novelty and the impression is that a cat is harboring there.

If you add to all this Konami that continues to post photos of merchandise related to Silent Hill , then the situation becomes confused. Also because, once it could be a mistake, but to do it a second time without having anything concrete behind it takes courage , since it could easily turn into a nice boomerang.

Not to mention that the Geoff parsley likes to create confusion. 

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