Silent Hill would have two ongoing projects, one of them multiplatform

The rumors about the return of Silent Hill lead and accompanying several months. It seems that Konami and Sony’s secret project for PS5 is no longer so secret, although no official announcement has been made at the moment. Still, the rumors are back, and this time they point to not one, but two Silent Hill games on the way. One of them exclusive for Sony, another of them multiplatform.

Double helping of Silent Hill in the new generation?

The information that comes to light now comes from Dusk Golem, known for being the first to leak Resident Evil Village and also the author of the rumors that brought Silent Hill back to the fore. Now, this user has spoken again to comment on new information that comes from a source that, although not as reliable as others, does seem to have his vote of confidence. As he explains, “there may be 2 Silent Hill games in development, one is a PS5 game, the other a cross-platform made by two different teams

This insider comments that the second project could have been discarded, although information has reappeared that highlights that it is moving forward. “One has Sony behind helping to some extent, the other is unknown, but they are being very hermetic with him, emphasizes Dusk Golem, “even those who have contacts at Sony, many within the company, do not know much about the game ».

He completes his informative brushstrokes by ensuring that there is something on the way and that the machinery is up and running, although he does not finish specifying which of the two projects it is for. Be that as it may, it seems that good news is coming about Silent Hill, something that its main composer already hinted in an interview that has been deletedWill we have news of this saga soon?

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