Skate 4 officially confirms its release for PC

Skateboarding is something that, plain and simple, is cool, and I was personally one of the many who once enjoyed Tony Hawk’s classics. This is how I see things like sport in the Olympics because I am happy, just as I am happy that Electronic Arts has confirmed in a final and official way that Skate 4 (provisional name) will have a version for PC players .

kate 4 adds the PC as one of its gaming platforms

Then I leave you the announcement mini-video that they have shared on Twitter to publicize these news:

If anyone is looking here for something more than scratching then … the truth is that there is not. EA is still working on Skate 4 but with very little to show, to say absolutely nothing , which was all we saw last July . Even so, I would take this as good news, because the development team has already shown by active and passive the desire to do things well.

This was what EA and Full Circle (the studio behind Skate 4) said about their priorities when developing this title, and the truth is that the message could not seem better to me: ” Our number one goal is not to screw it up. For you, for we … for skateboarding .  However, we are very excited to be able to share something with all of you tomorrow . “

Ultimately, I will take advantage of having infiltrated from the anime section to make you a recommendation in skate code if you have time: take a look at “SK8: The Infinity” , which is cool.

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