Sly Cooper 5 would be real but still has time until it comes out

People wondering where GTA 6 is should better wonder where Sly Cooper 5 is. Okay, a new Grand Theft Auto is much more likely to be announced at any moment than a new Sly, but asking, I’d like tomorrow They will announce a game about a robber raccoon that has the 5 in its name. At least there are rumors about it. I’m content? No, but that is better than not talking about the game.

And I have always said that, for a game to be launched, the company must know that we ask for it and we want it, right? Well, if there is a lot of rumor, the more likely it is that it will finally become real. Already in August there was talk that Sly Cooper 5 was in development and now more rumors are coming back.

Is there a Sly Cooper 5 on the way?

The rumor arises, once again, from insider Shpeshal_Nick. Below I will tell you what this rumor is based on and what else can you know about this project:

  • Nick says he ‘s sure about the development of Sly Cooper 5 ✅
  • Of course, it ensures that it is in a very early phase of development ❗️
  • Also, more recently has been rumored about this title because it is one of the games that indirectly appeared in the PS Showcase ⭐️
  • Unfortunately, the initial rumor was that the saga would be resumed by Sucker Punch but Nick cannot assure that detail (please, MAKE IT SUCKER PUNCH)

Is Shpeshal_Nick credible It has had several hits in the past, and we know that it has numerous sources. The question now is whether all those sources are equally reliable. All I know is that Sly Cooper was my favorite PS2 franchise, and one of my all-time favorites, so hopefully they get a fifth of it …

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