Sony has renewed several brands, including Bloodborne and SOCOM

Sony has renewed several brands, including Bloodborne and SOCOM

Sony recently revamped several brands, including Bloodborne and SOCOM, but did not announce specific plans to use them.

Sony recently revamped several brands , which are worth bringing back: Bloodborne , SOCOM, The Order 1886 and Psygnosis. The company has not announced specific plans for their use, so they could simply be renewals made as a matter of rights maintenance, as is often the case in these cases.

We have already talked about the renewal of the Psygnosis brand in another news , so we will not go back to it. The other three belong to video games or play series that have been stopped for some time and deserve a few more words.

In general, it seems to us that the Bloodborne and The Order: 1886 brands may have been renewed because the related games are still on sale in the PlayStation Store and can also be purchased on PS5 (playable in backward compatibility), as well as on PS4 (platform for which were originally published). So these are two games still active on the market, one of which (Bloodborne) is very famous and considered among the top titles of the PS4 / Xbox One generation. So the renewal of both may not hide anything at all.

For the SOCOM series the matter becomes more complicated, because a new title hasn’t been released for years now (the last one dates back to the PS3 era). That Sony wants to revitalize the franchise? After all, in recent months there has been talk of a greater presence in the world of live services for exclusive PlayStation titles and what better series than SOCOM to create a proprietary Call of Duty: Warzone?


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