Sony patents its own video game betting system

Practices such as the sale of loot boxes or card packs have caused enormous controversy in the world of video games due to their gambling nature, but Sony seems to want to go a little further with a new patent for a betting system where players they can bet money and items in game. An ideal complement to your acquisition of the EVO a few months ago, the most important fighting game fair of the moment.

This patent registered in 2019, explains that the Sony betting system would take information from the game and the players , to determine the possible bets. That is, by machine learning, the system would identify that you are playing Street Fighter V, for example, and based on parameters such as your win / loss ratio it would adjust the bets up or down. It would be equally intrusive with the game data , allowing you to search through your files for “backups” for each bet. “For example, a video can be searched to identify where in the video a virtual grenade has the possibility of killing one, two or three characters,” explains the patent, which determines the variables of this or other bets.

In the same way that the patent collects “simple” bets on victory or score, it has time bets where you try to guess how long it takes a player to be defeated or even bets against friends and spectators. In this last type of bets, explains the patent, it is sent between individuals based on a list and can be configured automatically by the system or manually choose the variables of the bet.

As we always say in these cases, patents do not always end up becoming a reality, so this Sony betting system may never see the light of day on PlayStation 5. In the event that Sony gave the green light to the project, it is very possible that they will face a great controversy and a multitude of anti-gaming laws.

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