Sony PS5 Becomes the Fastest Selling Console in the Company’s History, 10 Million Units Sold Globally

PS5 has surpassed 10 million sales in the world, according to data reported by GamesIndustry and confirmed by the company itself, and refer to it as the fastest-selling Sony console in history, or best-selling in the time frame taken into consideration.

According to reports from the British site, PS5 reached 10 million units sold on 18 July 2021. The performance of the console on the market, however, remains highly dependent on availability , considering that PS5 is in a practically constant state of sold out, with difficulty in maintaining an adequate supply of units on the market.

In short, the demand still exceeds the actual supply of consoles in the stores, so the quantity of units sold is tainted by a situation of constant difficulty in the supply of stocks. It is therefore easy to predict that the numbers could be higher , if PS5 were easily available on the market.

For this reason, as Jim Ryan reported recently, increasing stocks on the market remains the top priority for Sony with PS5. The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment also said that on the new console there are record levels of “involvement” by users, the highest ever recorded even compared to PS4.

There is therefore talk of great success in the use of PS5 in terms of monthly active users and time spent online playing with the console. While not going into details with precise numbers, Ryan has also pointed out that China, among the different markets of the world, is showing great interest in PS5, emerging as a rapidly growing market also on the console front.

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