Sony takes 1.9% stake in From Software’s parent company

Kadokawa Corporation announces the closing of a strategic alliance with Sony and CyberAgent to strengthen their businesses in the animation and video game fields, according to Gematsu. Within the interactive sector, the Tokyo-based corporation is the owner of companies such as Spike Chunsoft and FromSoftware, the latter the creators of the Souls saga and games such as Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

With this agreement, Kadokawa seeks to strengthen its content strategy and ” expand its IPs around the world ” through mutual collaboration with CyberAgent, Inc. and Sony Corporation. A strategic agreement with which they hope to ” strengthen the development and publication of IP in the field of games”, as well as productions within the world of animation, and an “effective use of platforms and collaborative initiatives”.

In other words, the Tokyo corporation wants to promote the launch of its products with the help of CyberAgent, specialized in mobile games, and Sony, owner of PlayStation and anime platforms such as Aniplex and, more recently, Crunchyroll; all of them brands with a global reach. Kadokawa, for its part, offers a wide portfolio of its own IP in these areas. As they show in their presentation, Kadokawa’s main objectives are the following:

Creation, development and acquisition of new IP
  • Investment in development, including the acquisition of rights.
  • Investment and purchase of content owners.


Maximize the use of existing IPs
  • Multimedia distribution focused on animation and games.
  • Distribution on a global scale.


In their report, Kadokawa notes that they hope to acquire “foreign publishers, anime production companies, video game companies and other companies” as part of their future strategy, in addition to investing 5 billion yen in “creation, development and acquisition of new IPs “in these fields (anime and video games), between now and March 2023. They will also invest another 5 billion in the development of their existing IPs. Likewise, as part of this collaboration agreement, Kadokawa will transfer 1,422,475 shares to Sony , and as many to CyberAgent, with both companies obtaining a 1.93% stake in the company.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is a strategic alliance to strengthen Kadokawa’s position in the anime and video game fields, and does not imply that there will be an acquisition by Sony. 

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