Stalker 2 unveils a new in engine sequence in absolutely superb 4K!

Unveiled during the Xbox Game Showcase in July 2020, Stalker 2 is sharing a new video today. However, do not expect an unprecedented preview of gameplay, it is in-engine that is revealed to us. A short sequence of 40 seconds which will however not fail to glue you to your chair and leave you dreaming. Because yes, this new video is impressive to say the least!

If no release date is known for the moment, the players have high hopes of discovering these new adventures from 2021. And it is not this new teaser that will lower expectations, quite the contrary. No shoot, no bloody clashes here, only the unique atmosphere of a most gripping post-Chernobyl world. Lovers of the first episode will recognize in particular the campfire, dear to the license, while others will appreciate the sense of detail.

The sequence is indeed absolutely superb. The work on the textures is of very high quality and the light shows are particularly credible and successful. The effects of particles, snow, mist, ashes are also most impressive and promise a pretty crazy atmosphere. It now remains to see what will be the rendering in game and to discover, therefore, new gameplay extracts! Last reminder: STALKER 2 will be available upon release on Xbox Game Pass. We can’t wait, are you?

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