Starfield, four more stolen images of the Bethesda game appear on the net

Starfield, four more stolen images of the Bethesda game appear on the net

After the leak a couple of days ago, four other stolen images of Starfield, Bethesda’s exclusive wait, appeared on the net.

Starfield , the awaited Xbox exclusive developed by Bethesda , is shown with four other stolen images , or presumed such, appeared on the net and relaunched on social networks from various profiles. Here they are:

As for the five images of Starfield published a couple of days ago, these are “work in progress” shots , undoubtedly coming from one of the first builds, which mainly portray the structures with which we will have to deal during the campaign and the tools that our character will use for his explorations.

Again the character of the screenshots seems to underline a realistic and plausible approach to science fiction, close to cinematic works such as Interstellar and especially The Martian rather than Mass Effect.

Starfield will make its exclusive debut on Xbox Series X | S and PC on November 11, although someone has recently questioned that date by hypothesizing a possible postponement for the project.

Doubts and uncertainties probably linked to the fact that so far the game has never been shown in action: a lack that Microsoft will probably remedy this summer, during its now traditional showcase.

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