Starfield, official release date: it is an exclusive PC, Xbox Series X and S

Starfield is an exclusive PC, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as learned from the trailer accidentally released in advance by the New York Times, which also revealed the official release date : 11-11-2022. Finally there is the officialization of the news that has held the bench in recent months, that is since Microsoft announced the acquisition of Bethesda.

Currently, the footage has been removed, but we still managed to capture the image showing release date and exclusivity:

Consequently, Starfield will not be released on PS4 or PS5, as many had continued to hope despite all the evidence to the contrary. The trailer itself is a truly fascinating CG footage, which will likely be re-released in a few minutes, during the Xbox E3 2021 conference.

Washington Post leaked the Starfield trailer early! Here’s the official Starfield E3 2021 trailer,

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