Starfield: too much dialogue could damage its quality, the developers speak

On the occasion of TGS 2021, the creative director of Bethesda, Todd Howard, has revealed that the new sci-fi blockbuster Starfield will have more than 150,000 lines of dialogue. In response to that announcement, some developers have raised a number of doubts and concerns.

The new “Skyrim in space”, as Howard himself defined it, will contain an impressive amount of dialogue even for the greatest RPGs ever developed, with 150,000 lines . Wyn Rush , senior narrative designer at The Coalition and developer of the acclaimed Gears of War series, voiced colleagues at Kotaku in a summary of the concerns Bethesda’s announcement raised in the environment. The implementation of such a large screenplay would in fact require a great deal of work that goes beyond the simple authors of the game: “A huge game script isn’t just a huge amount of work for the writing team … it’s also work for the audio department, engineers, animators and probably level designers … such a large script means a lot. time for registering VOs, processing registrations and managing the script line, “said Rush.

In addition to the time and amount of work required, the biggest concern for Rush, however, is that of quality: a consistent management of the creative direction and an accurate localization of the weakest points of the script: ” In such a large sea of ​​lines, I can only imagine how much has been lost, confused or [improperly] controlled. Even the best processes and the most attentive teams would lose something between the various cracks . “

Even the narrative designer of Bungie , Robert Brookes , has expressed some fears: according to the developer 150,000 lines of dialogue would involve over 500 hours of sessions in just under a year and a half, provided you do not use multiple studios and audio directors at the same time.

In short, the developer environment did not welcome Todd Howard’s announcement with unanimous enthusiasm. All that remains is to wait for the finished product to see how things will go. Before leaving, we remind you that Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 on PC and exclusively for Xbox Series X / S.


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