Starfield is leaking. Bethesda’s game presented in the following graphics

Since the June Starfield show, we can quite systematically look at materials promoting the position and bringing closer the cosmic reality created by Bethesda developers. The players got to the next, yet undisclosed shots.

The creators of Skyrim and Fallout are currently working on a promising title that arouses great interest among many players. Despite encouraging details provided by Tom Howard a few months ago, we don’t know much about Starfield’s plot. The production will provide many hours of gameplay , and the developers plan to draw on their experience. On the last materials, however, we could hear about New Atlantis, the city of Neon and Akila, which are inhabited by people striving for freedom.

Meanwhile , new graphics showing the interior of the spacecraft and concept models of individual machines have been made available on the web. We can assume that the indicated shots come from an earlier period of work on the game, because their binding is very similar to the materials from 2018, which we had the opportunity to see previously. There is no doubt, however, that the project is consistent with the other shots that have already reached the public.

The premiere of Starfield is scheduled for November 11, 2022, so Bethesda Game Studios still has a lot of time to share all the details about the space adventure. The last trailer presented raised expectations so much that probably many Xbox enthusiasts are already rubbing their hands on subsequent publications.

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