Steam Deck: The trackpad may allow for unique features in games

The Steam Deck trackpad may allow for unique features in games. Here are the details from a Valve patent.

Valve is known for its innovations both at the software and at the hardware level and Steam Deck does not seem to be outdone. Now, thanks to a patent, we can see that the handheld console’s trackpad could allow for unique functions within games.

The patent describes the trackpad as a “sensor-rich” component for “advanced control capabilities”. The Steam Deck trackpad is capable of “sensing an amount of force associated with pressure”. In other words, it could be used to detect a variety of different inputs depending on how hard the player presses.

This could have various applications . For example, imagine having to burst a balloon: instead of simply pressing a button, you can press on the Steam Deck trackpad. It would be a more realistic and sensorially deeper experience. Furthermore, according to the patent, it is possible to use the trackpad in combination with the normal keys, so as to create unique interactive gameplay scenes.

The trackpad sensors , according to the Steam Deck patent, can be made more or less sensitive depending on the game or the specific gameplay situation, so as to customize the experience in a more profound way. For example, developers could increase the level of pressure required to perform an action to the maximum, so as to make a game scene more tense.

As always, we are talking about a patent that offers just a few ideas. We will then have to see if the developers will actually introduce custom functions within the Steam Deck version of their game.


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