Subnautica: third game in the series confirmed by the developers

Subnautica: third game in the series confirmed by the developers

Subnautica will have a third chapter: the developers of the series have confirmed the information. Here’s what we know.

Unknown Worlds, authors of Subnautica , has confirmed that the series will have a third installment . For the moment it does not have a name yet, but we have the opportunity to find out some information through a job proposal dedicated to a Senior Narrative Designer.

Unknown Worlds is looking for a person who “will work closely with the team to tell dramatic and interesting stories in the context of a video game experience, while defining the story and lore of a new sci-fi world and the aliens that inhabit it. . This person has the unique opportunity to join the team in the early stages of development and help set the narrative direction of a beloved franchise, “Subnautica.

Subnautica, we recall, has always had a not particularly common emphasis on narrative , clearly as regards the genre of survival. With the third installment, it looks like this is not going to change. The job proposal talks about an “open world game” and seeks a person familiar with “narrative development processes in an open context and a player-driven experience”. “Experience working on live-service projects or episodic content” is also required.

Unknown Worlds also announced a new original game “which will be a landmark of the genre” .


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