Sucker Punch is looking for designers who played Ghost of Tsushima: will he work on the sequel?

While the increasingly persistent rumors that want the announcement of the stand-alone DLC Ghost of Ikishima flare up , Sucker Punch continues to be looking for new talents who can help Sony’s software house to develop the next PlayStation exclusive.

Sifting through the job advertisements of Sucker Punch, we discover how the studio is currently interested in hiring a new combat designer who is an expert in the sector, and who therefore has the ability to analyze a combat system from a technical point of view along with all the others. core aspects of a video game. The software house says it is concentrated in the creation of games strongly focused on narrative and full of exciting clashes .

Among the requirements, the candidate must have 3 or more years of experience in the field of triple A video games, have experience with programming, be able to communicate efficiently with the other divisions of the studio and, above all, must have played Ghost of Tsushima fully understanding its combat system .

Given this last detail, it is inevitable not to think about the fact that Sucker Punch is looking for new collaborators to improve and expand the combat system of his latest action game and bring it back in a refined version within Ghost of Tsushima 2 for PS5 . It is not excluded that the candidate can offer his contribution in the development of Ghost of Ikishima , however the DLC will most likely be based on the combat system that we have already been able to appreciate in the base game.

As the clues slowly begin to surface, we recommend that you take the news with due caution, waiting for Sucker Punch to eventually reveal Ghost of Tsushima 2. We will probably have to “settle” for the first information on the Ghost of Ikishima expansion. during the rumored PlayStation Showcase .

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