The Ascent has no ray tracing on Xbox Series X | S, no FSR support from AMD for now

In these hours we are talking a lot about The Ascent. This interesting cross between a role-playing game and a twin stick shooter on the one hand did not completely convince in terms of gameplay, on the other hand it amazed from a technical and stylistic point of view. The small team of Neon Giant, however, failed to implement ray tracing within the console version. It has also so far failed to take advantage of AMD’s FSR.

The reason is simple: it’s a small team. “We have used the solutions proposed within the Unreal Engine. We try to make the best use of what we have, but we have not had the opportunity to try” AMD’s Fidelity FX Super Resolution solutions. But, recently, they have been integrated into Unity and Unreal Engine , so now this technology could be available to them.

As for raytracing, the team said they worked hard to implement it, a little because of the fixed camera, a little because of the complexity and vastness of the world loaded at the same time each time. Therefore they had to look for suitable methods to integrate it. On PC at least.

“We don’t support ray tracing on Xbox unfortunately, it’s a PC feature,” they said very sitetically.

What do you think of the game? 


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