The Ascent: how to get the Astrosmasher rocket launcher

What’s more fun than an automatic rocket launcher? The Astrosmasher, an apt name to say the least, is a weapon capable of mowing down countless enemies thanks to its explosive barrage fire . If you want to use it too in Neon Giant’s new Cyberpunk game, follow this guide.

Originally used as a defensive measure for incoming asteroids, the Astrosmasher is equally devastating when wielded as a weapon against flesh and blood enemies. It has (obviously) high stopping power and a decent amount of ammo, however you have to keep in mind the rather long reload time . A small and insignificant downside for those of you who love the idea of ​​blowing things up in The Ascent.

The Ascent: Unlock the Astrosmasher

So how can you get your hands on the infamous portable rocket launcher? After the mission asking you to head to Coder’s Lair, you will have access to the level above Warren, Highstreet. To acquire the weapon, head north until you reach the Cosmodrome , just after the Tham Gate . Check the map if you find yourself disoriented. The story mission, Trading Places, will take you there.

Be ready to fight . You’ll need to prove yourself worthy and prove your worth to get this powerful weapon (it may be the right time to upgrade your gear ). You will face hordes of Rojins and Nug Gadgeteers , before you even get to the right place. Eventually, you will have to deal with a heavy Monobot Mech that could put you in trouble if faced with the various other mobs at the same time. Using weapons that deal digital damage or energy, such as the Enfrocer , is highly recommended , since Monobots are vulnerable to them.

After taking down the heavy mech you can collect your reward: Astrosmasher .

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