The Ascent, ray tracing and DLSS on Steam but not on Game Pass for PC

The Ascent has some problems on PC : apparently ray tracing and DLSS are present in the Steam version of the game, but not in the Game Pass version, which can be downloaded at no additional cost by subscribers.

As already reported, The Ascent does not have ray tracing on Xbox Series X | S , but this feature is indeed available on PC, or at least it should be without distinction of platform.

A lack of which users immediately realized, reporting the issue to the development team, Neon Giant, which immediately took action to solve the problem , even without providing precise timing.

“We are working to put the two versions on a par,” wrote Tor Frick, co-founder of the studio, responding to the people who brought the lack to his attention and assuring everyone that it will be fixed as soon as possible.

To those who asked why the PC edition was different on Steam and Game Pass , Frick said that the production process of the build is different and that therefore it is not simply a question of bringing the same package on two stores.

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