The bug in The Last of Us 2 allows you to kill one of the heroes. The creators did not anticipate the situation


As you know at the beginning of The Last of Us 2, we are witnessing a scene that shocked the faithful fans of the Naughty Dog universe. The rumors have been confirmed and the main character of the series remains – although it turns out that not only he can be killed.

In one of the fragments, players have the opportunity to play the role of Abby, who competes with Joel’s brother. Tommy escapes his rival every time, but the players have discovered that with a little practice, you can jump into the room where one of the heroes of the story should be hiding. When Abby is in the room, she can take a second revenge and murder her opponent.

This is obviously a glitch that doesn’t affect the events, so you can’t count on new scenes – as you know, Tommy plays an important role throughout the story, so the developers couldn’t get rid of the characters that easily.

In the video, you will see a few more “minor bugs” that the testers did not notice and were included in the final version of the game. It is worth adding that Naughty Dog should be developing The Last of Us Remake , but The Last of Us 2 may still return in the director’s version – such a situation was suggested by the PlayStation boss.

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