The creators of Astro’s Playroom are working on a new title. Sony is not giving up on Japan

In recent months, we have heard a lot of information about Sony’s problems in Japan. The topic was decided by the head of PlayStation Studios, who confirmed that “Japanese games and Japanese talents remain extremely important for PlayStation Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment”. This country is a legacy for the corporation and Hermen Hulst sees potential in the Asian market.

However, as we know, Japan Studio was absorbed by Team Asobi – Sony wants to create a “world-class studio” from this team and the company confirmed that the developers are working on “a brand for all ages with a global reach”This is, according to Hermen Hulst, a “creative team”.

There are many indications that it is because of the global reach that Sony has opted for Team Asobi, whose positions may appeal not only to Japanese players.

Sony wants to focus on two studios in Japan (Polyphony Digital and Team Asobi), but at the same time intends to establish partnerships with external teams that will develop games for Sony consoles.

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