The creators of Shenmue plan to make a sequel in 2021

After the long year 2021, everyone has already received 2021. Several creatives, developers and distributors welcomed this new year hoping that it will be much better than the previous one and shared their plans for the coming months. Developer, producer and programmer Yu Suzuki was one of them. The year before last was a very important one for the developer, as it brought back Shenmue, the franchise he created that had been forgotten for almost 20 years. Well, apparently 2021 will also be very interesting for the creative, since he already has several plans in mind.

Yu Suzuki, in charge of the Shenmue series, participated in a recent Famitsu group interview (via Gematsu ), in which several companies shared their ambitions and plans for 2021. While some companies offered several revealing details about what they hope to do in 2021, Suzuki’s message was somewhat concise, but it gives interesting clues about what this year will be like for him.

We say this because the creative mentioned that for him, the keywords in 2021 will be “shooting” and “RPG”. To give you an idea of ​​what this means, we tell you that Yosuke Saito, head of NieRcommented that his keyword in 2021 will be “NieR”, as he works on several projects in the series.

The above is very ambiguous, as it does not imply that Suzuki is already working on its next game, much less that it will be a shooter or an RPG. However, it is striking that he also shared that his ambitions will be to “reflect on face-to-face battles” and a “sequel …”.


After almost 20 years of oblivion, Shenmue returned with the third installment of the series, which debuted just over 1 year ago. Although some reports indicated that it did not sell as expected, the truth is that it was confirmed that the title has had good sales, which have made Suzuki think that a sequel will come true .

This franchise will precisely celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021, so it could mean that this year something important will be revealed related to a new game. In addition, we remind you that it has already been announced that an animated series of Shenmue is in development. We will keep you informed.

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