The developers of Days Gone are working on “a great new game” – the PlayStation boss is full of praise

Bend Studio is developing a high-budget game for PS5. Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation, is pleased with the creators’ ideas.

Gamers love  Days Gone , so it’s not surprising that the information indicating that Days Gone 2 will not be made has upset PlayStation fans. The team responsible for Deacon’s adventure is already working on a new project and there is little chance that its continuation will debut on the market in the coming years.

We still do not know what exactly Bend Studio is preparing for us, but the boss of PlayStation – Hermen Hulst is pleased with the concept of the creators. In the developers’ official Twitter entry, there are over a dozen job offers, the descriptions of which suggest one thing: it will be a high-budget production aimed exclusively at PlayStation 5.

Particular attention is drawn to the description of the role of the animator. A person in this position would be responsible for the preparation of complex, reliable and as realistic as possible animations. Additionally, one of the main tasks of artists would be to create real shaders (in short: programs that describe pixel properties in 3D graphics).

Some time ago it was speculated that Men in Black might get their own game – and that’s what Bend Studio might be responsible for. We still have to wait a while for the confirmation of this information, but it is worth keeping this information in mind.

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