God of War 2 postponed: angry users attack Santa Monica, Cory Barlog intervenes

God of War 2, known to fans as God of War Ragnarok, will no longer be coming to PS5 in 2021. This week, we learned that the Sony Santa Monica game is delayed to 2022 and will also be released on PS4. Facts that some fans have not finished liking, and as sadly is customary in the industry, a noisy minority has seen fit to insult and attack the members of the study for the delay and for the intergenerational nature of the title. Well, the director Cory Barlog is fed up with these situations and has come out in the networks in defense of his team.

It all started after Alanah Pearce , a writer at Sony Santa Monica and a former journalist for IGN, shared on the networks the serious attacks she has been receiving since the last news of the game. At this, Barlog has not bit his tongue: ” Seriously, people, this is sh * t! If you want to get mad at someone for anything related to GOW – the lag, PS4 / 5, trolls, the size of the subtitles, Sigrun, whatever- get mad at me . ” To this, the director adds that “I have made the decisions. I have done this. Do not bother the team, they are all good people doing a great job.”

“Every human being in the studio is there specifically because they‘re fucking exceptional at what they do. We’re better because of them. Fuck, I’m lucky someone wants to lend their talent and intellect to my bullshit. For some reason they do it, and I love them for it. ” In just a few hours, crowds of fans and industry professionals have joined in support of Cory Barlog’s words, including the game’s art director, Raf Grassetti, who has been even more forthright in his response to the attacks on Alanah. Pearce.

“That doesn’t sound like an attack on the team, that looks like an attack on women,” says Grassetti. ” Fuck him and anyone who has any kind of hatred towards female developers .” It seems that Sony Santa Monica is not going to tolerate attacks of this type on its workers for something that, we remember, is still video games.

God of War Ragnarok, as fans know it, will arrive in 2022 on PS5 and PS4.

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