The Last of Us 2 could have featured a battle royale, according to the video game code

The Last of Us 2 is one of the most acclaimed video games of the final stretch of the past generation and one of the most debated with its story and gameplay. But what if I told you that the leaked multiplayer mode (it is not clear if discarded or left for later as a spin-off) could have featured a battle royale mode? This seems to be indicated by the code of the video game itself.

Battle royale in The Last of Us 2? So it seems it could have been

  • It has been the youtuber Speclizer who has discovered through datamining indications of a possible battle royale mode .
  • Among the clues found is a huge map that could hold dozens of players simultaneously .
  • There is no evidence of any kind as to whether it would take characters from the story or other survivors.
  • It should be noted that it is not surprising that any multiplayer game in recent years has had battle royale as one of the options explored in development.
  • It’s also unclear if multiplayer has been scrapped or separated from the original game as a spin-off.
  • From here all we can do is speculate.

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What would happen if…?

  • There are users who have wanted to imagine what a battle royale based on the gameplay of The Last of Us 2 could be like .
  • Given the importance of stealth , there are those who think it could be a different and original approach to the genre.
  • Another user has imagined this battle royale as a mix between the PvP of The Division and the Factions mode of The Last of Us .
  • With the attention that The Last of Us 2 puts to the environments, for me I think it would be a peculiar adaptation with touches of stealth and survival .
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