The Last of Us 2 with secret dialogue. The player discovered a new conversation between Joel and Ellie

In The Last of Us 2, we recently saw a bug that allowed us to kill one of the main characters of the adventure , but this is not the end of interesting facts related to this title. It was enough to pull out all the dialogues from production to find a completely new conversation.

In one of the flashbacks (Finding Strings), the main character of the first The Last of Us talked about the comic book “Savage Starlight” and he was probably also supposed to talk to Ellie about her tattoo. Ultimately, this dialogue never made it into the game.

This is the transcript of the conversation:

Joel: So I noticed her hologram … Map …. It’s a moth. Is that what your tattoo is from?

Ellie: Ugh … Maybe? … You judge.

Joel: I don’t judge. I’m just curious.

Ellie: Liar!

Joel: Well, as I said, I don’t judge … I think the moth is pretty.

As a last resort, the developers decided to change this dialogue, and instead of talking about the tattoo, the heroes discussed the guitar – this way they managed to take care of the element that additionally connects Joel and Ellie. As you know, this item appeared throughout the game and was even used at the very end of the adventure.

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