The Last of Us Part 2: Multiplayer may include AI-controlled bots

The guys from Naughty Dog have been working for quite some time on this part on their first stand-alone multiplayer video game: although precise details have not yet been revealed, it is reasonable to associate the project in question with The Last of Us Part 2 .

In the studio’s initial plans, Ellie and Joel’s second adventure was also expected to contain a multiplayer mode , which was then removed from the final package as it turned into something too big to be mere tinsel. After all these years, in any case, it is really difficult to imagine how and how much it has transformed, especially since the only information we have came from the job advertisements published by Naughty Dog. A document from a few weeks ago described the game as a cinematic action , while a more recent request added another piece to the puzzle.

The latest job announcement suggests the presence of a multiplayer mode with bots controlled by artificial intelligence and intended to support users in game actions: Naughty Dog is in fact looking for an AI Programmer to be used specifically on the project in question to “the design and implementation of Artificial Intelligence systems such as map navigation, decision making, learning and dialogues “ . The requested figure will have to work “closely with the Design and Animation teams to propose new ideas and new gameplay features to be introduced into the game”. Such systems are usually required in the creation of AI-controlled companions, in other words, bots.


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