The Legend of Dragoon possibly Bluepoint Games’ next remake

All of this is old news on legend of dragoon and probably doesn’t mean shit but I thought I should make this post after PlayStation Japan’s leak of Bluepoint’s acquisition.

Back in August 18 2019 on Twitter, LordAngulus asked Bluepoint’s CTO, Peter Dalton, if he liked the video game The Legend of Dragoon. Three days later on August 21 he responded with: “I love The Legend of Dragoon. Perhaps it should be a project?”

Fast forward 3 months, Shuhei Yoshida has a “random” encounter on Twitter with one of The Legend of Dragoon’s music composers, Dennis Martin, where he pretends to not remember when they met.

The reason why I think he pretends to not remember is because Shuhei was the Executive Producer of LOD, which makes that reply come off as just a tease.

Last one:

Dennis doesn’t follow any PlayStation studio on Twitter, except Bluepoint Games.

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