The new Dead Space “will be a reimagining and not a continuation of the trilogy”

Just a few hours ago, the first rumors arrived pointing out that EA Motive has in hand the development of a video game of the Dead Space franchise that would be announced next July during EA Play Live . After this initial information, there have been several portals that have not only echoed the information but have claimed to have their own sources and independent from the rest that have assured them the same. That is why the details regarding this new Dead Space do not stop arriving.

After the confirmation of Eurogamer , it was the Gematsu portal that published a small article regarding the announcement of this new Dead Space . From Gematsu they ensure that the original information (released by journalist Jeff Grubb in a live video) is true: EA Motive has a new installment of Dead Space in development that will be announced on July 22. But this portal has added new information.

Neither Dead Space 4 nor a remake or remaster: a new beginning for the saga

Specifically, from Gematsu they have ensured that EA’s announcement corresponds to a new video game in the franchise. It is not a remake or remaster but a completely new installment within Dead Space . Despite this, it will not be Dead Space 4, since the franchise will not continue. This new video game will be a kind of reboot or reimagining of the saga .

It is unclear if this reimagining will keep the survival horror and third person shooter spirit of the original installment and will change only narratively or if it will seek to create an entirely new playable experience within the world of Dead Space . But the truth is that there is not much left to know. The presentation of the new Dead Space would be scheduled for July 22 and, since the information has already begun to leak, it is possible that more details will arrive in the coming days or weeks.

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