The next Nioh could feature open-ended gameplay similar to Dark Souls

Although it took many years in development and waiting to polish its proposal, Nioh debuted at a time when FromSoftware’s Dark Souls had conquered the hearts of players, so comparisons became inevitable. Still, the bet on a difficult game that required mastering mechanics and controls was well received and after 2 installments and some DLC, Nioh can be considered a success. However, a third installment is not on the horizon, but its director already has something in mind.


Speaking with Famitsu, as reported by Japanese website Games Talk, Fumihiko Yasuda, director of Nioh , spoke about the origin and future of the franchise, even though it is known that there are no plans for it at this time and taking into account that Team Ninja revealed that he will put her to rest. In that sense, the creative revealed that initiallyNioh’s original proposal was that of an open game in the style of Dark Souls, but the passage of time changed the plans to compact scenarios.

However, although there is no future for Nioh as such, Yasuda assured that in case the development of a third installment begins, it is most likely that they will return to the bases of the franchise and follow a path similar to that of the games from FromSoftware, with more open worlds and a new progression and experience system.

Nioh 2 is available on PS4 and PC.

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