Brandon Adler is the Game director for The Outer worlds 2

According to the LinkedIN profile of Brandon Adler ( Pillars of Eternity , Tyranny ) he is the game director of The Outer Worlds 2 . This would rule out that Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky , who directed the first chapter, are leading the project. Or Adler may have been added to the team, given the greater importance given to the franchise following the commercial success of the first The Outer Worlds.

By checking Boyarsky’s LinkedIN profile, there is no information about it, since it has not been updated, while Cain does not seem to have a LinkedIN profile.

The Outer Worlds 2 is the sequel to an action RPG made by Obsidian Entertainment under the Private Division label. It will be published by Microsoft exclusively for PC and Xbox consoles, although the first chapter has also been released on PS4 (the agreement with Private Division dates back to before the acquisition of the studio by Microsoft).

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Despite some critical issues, The Outer Worlds has been a great success and is very much liked by gamers, who have recognized the typical features of Obsidian’s games even under the bark of a production that is not exactly huge. The Outer Worlds 2 could be a title of a completely different dimension, given the greater investments made by Microsoft on the project, announced despite being still in the pre-production phase to clarify any doubts about its nature.


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