The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 Director Leaves CD Projekt Following Labor Abuse Allegations, Apologizes To Employees

After long years where CD Projekt RED seemed like an idyllic studio with hundreds of workers and acclaimed works like The Witcher 3, the last few years have been a blow to reality. The controversy has plagued the Polish studio on various occasions and for very varied reasons. But today, once again, the controversy returns to CD Projekt RED and Konrad Tomaszkiewiczthe one who was director of The Witcher 3, leaves the company.

As reported by the Bloomberg media, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has left CD Projekt RED today. The former director of The Witcher 3 has left his job after several accusations of labor abuse that a commission within CD Projekt has been investigating in recent months.

According to what they explain from Bloomberg, this investigation would not have found Konrad Tomaszkiewicz guilty of those abuses for which he is accused. However, the creative has made the decision to leave the company because, as he explained himself, ” people feel fear, discomfort or stress when they work with me” The creative, in this farewell, has apologized ” for all the problems caused ” and has assured that he will continue working to change his behavior.

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, we remember, was not only director of The Witcher 3 but one of the main figures after Cyberpunk 2077, since he appears in the credits of the work as second director and head of production. His departure from the company is one more example of the acute moment that CD Projekt RED is going through that, despite having record figures thanks to the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, has been constantly involved in controversy since this very launch. We will see how the company handles itself in the coming months and if it is capable of reversing this complicated situation in which it finds itself. We will be attentive to bring any news that arises in this regard.

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