God of War on PS4 brought us a new way of understanding the famous saga. The last installment has allowed us to enjoy a more intimate story, where we have been able to get to know Kratos much better and where we have seen how he matured, as well as his own players.

To portray all this, the Santa Monica Studio team has resorted to a series of audiovisual techniques; like placing the game camera behind Kratos’ back, to make our journey by his side more personal. However, there are already those who have wanted to see it from another angle.

God of War in the first person can be enjoyed thanks to a mod. The Youtuber called Speclizer has published 8-minute gameplay where the drastic change in perspective that the player experiences is appreciated. Before you see the video, we warn you that it contains spoilers, in case you have not played this title yet.

Although the video does not contain combat images, we can see Kratos talking to Atreus, as Mimir would see everything and much more. Although it is strange to see God of War in this way, it is true that it achieves a closer tone with the characters.

Watching games with a first-person view when they are usually in third person offers a different perspective on how shots and narrative can be approached in video games. We leave you with the video: