Tim Rogers claims a Bloodborne Remaster is coming

Bloodborne is due to get a 60 FPS remaster according to Tim Rogers, who has previously worked on Kotaku and appears to hint at an announcement soon.

Tim Rogers is well-known for his reviews on Kotaku. He now hosts his own channel on YouTube called Action Button. After the announcement of Elden Ring, Rogers mentioned that those who are replaying the previous Souls games should hold on when it comes to Bloodborne.

He mentioned that the game is due for a remaster soon that will run at 60 FPS. The announcement is apparently happening soon. This lines up with earlier rumors that suggested that a remaster for the game is in development and will reportedly release for the PS5 in addition to PC.

Maybe this is correlated to the claims from the ResetEra user RaySpace? (in process of vetting)

Bloodborne is the only exclusive by From Software that hasn’t been playable on PC. Demon’s Souls was recently remade and released for the PS5 while the PS3 version can easily be emulated on a PC through the PS3 emulator. This leaves Bloodborne the only game that is currently not available on PC, but that should change soon if we believe this new rumor. Take it with a grain of salt regardless.

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